Far Cry 2 – Mock Level Design

This is a level mock of a level to be created in Far Cry 2. Above is an image showing the layout of the level and where it will take place. Below is full documentation over the level and its design.

Level Name: The Test


The following level will be a random occurring event when the player is in map 1 and has a partner not in their current presence. A call will be received stating that their partner is captured and they will have to choose what to do from there. In short, it is a rescue mission, but one that the player is morally affected by.

Experience Goals

The goal is to make the player want to rescue their partner from capture and torture and to create a closer bond and feeling towards there partner, or feel guilty for letting them die.

This is meant to be an emotionally and morally affecting level as well as a difficult one. The player can make the choice to risk their own life to willingly go into a trap to save their partner, or let them suffer and die. However, they must choose quickly because the longer they take the more torture their partner receives as he/she becomes closer to dying. If they choose to save them but get there too late then they will be so close to death that they will have to leave them there to die, or ease their suffering with medical syringes.

There are multiple ways to complete the level. The player can approach with a boat from behind and try to stealthily rescue the companion while escaping back to the boat, thus, successfully completing the level. They may also come from the road for a frontal attack which includes a more action-orientated route. Although it may be quicker, there will be no boat to escape with since they did not choose to come from the back. They will have a much harder time fighting and escaping from the ambush of enemies once they have their partner, assuming they were spotted.

The player can come stealthily by boat from behind and kill the enemies silently, escaping without a trace, but may also get caught trying to rescue their partner by an alarm. The sound of the alarm brings out a large amount of enemies as the player makes their way to the boat. The NPC won’t be in great shape so they will slow the player down.

The player can even take out enemies from afar with a silenced sniper or silenced weapon from across the river on the other cliff-side.


This mission will happen randomly at any time the partner is not with the player while in world 1. The player will get a call on his cell with an unknown voice saying they have their partner. With the player hearing screams in the background the man talking to the player tells them where they with the object finally being shown on the map.

What the player does from there is purely up to them. They can totally ignore the mission and let their partner die or they can try to save the partner within time.

If the player is spotted trying to save the partner then these events will happen.

  • Player gets spotted
  • If a flare gets shot up into air, reinforcements will be there shortly.
  • When the player enters the cabin they must make a crack shot as an enemy will be holding a machete to his partners throat.
  • Player then will proceed to save his partner and try to make it out of the situation alive either getting to the safehouse unnoticed or losing the enemies.

If the player does not get spotted by enemies.

  • Player opens cabin door slowly and kills kidnapper from behind in hut unnoticed
  • Stealthily make it back towards boat and takes off
  • Reach the safehouse and mission is complete

New Level Assets

Cliffside that the player can climb, in others words walk up and down on.

Hut where the NPC is being kept and objects within the hut.

Sandbags for the new machine gun turret positions.

New Safehouse location building.

Visual Style and Pacing Plan.

The player will be going through a heavily forested area that can be reached by road or water, but the player will have to go on foot to go through the thick trees and brush. Within the forest is a small hut that is containing the player’s partner.  A river and cliff-side is to the other side of the forest. The time of day this happens is random, it can be night or day.

The game is immediately set to a adrenaline pumping pace when the player learns the longer they take, the closer to death their partner is. The player chooses how fast they move and if they want to be stealthy or if they even want to risk saving their partner, but there will always be tension because the player knows their partner is being tortured.


The overall goal is to make a rescue mission where the fate of the players partner lies within their hands. This mission is meant to leave an emotional impact on the player.


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