Analog Game(s)

Escape From Zomnation 


A boardgame project that myself and 3 others completed over the timeframe of one month. It involves going from the East coast of the United States to the West coast with the plan to take as many survivors as you can to the safe haven of Hawaii.

  • Events happen every few turns that can harm the player based on what tile they are on and if they are not defending or not. There are also choice events where the player will weigh the risks of the given choices.
  • Each character has special attributes that will help the player out at the start or later in the game
  • You can move around the board freely if you want to stay back and try to get more survivors. You might regret it though.
  • If a player dies they will become infected and take revenge on the other players, especially if they betrayed them.
  • The player has a lot of choice in what they do so strategy is a big part of the game.

The players pick from a pool of characters that have there own skills and set forth on an adventure that has random events every few turns and interesting encounters throughout there journey based on where they are on the board. Some encounters will require the player to make some tough choices. Did I mention that a dead player will come back as an infected and play against the other players?

Below is the PDF files for the cards, game manual, and boardgame layout. 


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